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We present to you the simply splendid Camper Van Tent!


VW Camper Van Tent

Officially licenced VW Camper Van Tent

VW Camper Van Tent
Can we say it enough times?
No doubt you’re one of the swarms of people heading to a music festival this year. Are you rocking your way to T in the Park? V Festival? Reading? Leeds? Sonisphere? Gone are the days of turning up in a battered old camoflauge tent and glamping is so 2009.
Camper Van Tents, or as they are also known VW tents are now all the rage!
This awesome four man tent is officially licenced so you’ll be camping safe in the knowledge that your splitty is the real deal.

Groovy Camper Van Tent man...

It is a luxury full sized replica of the iconic and now legendary 1965 Camper Van which is now engrained in popular hippy culture – Isle of White, the Beatles and date we say it magic mushrooms…erm…roundabout.
No longer will you be frying marshmallows round a stove singing kumbahah. Instead you’ll be sporting flares, building a full on fire and blasting out My Generation. You’ll be the envy of the campsite in the V-Dubb!
Admittedly this version hasn’t got wheels, but advantageously you can carry it around in a bag. Groovy!
Like its namesake you can stand upright in it, which for those of you who are seasoned campers will know that this is a result because it means you don’t have to crawl around on your hands and knees looking for the torch at 3 in the morning when you need a wee!
The fabric outers are 3000mm and 1000mm respectively, which outweighs even the Bristish military spec of 800 mm. Wimps!
There are 2 seperate double rooms (a zip splits you up) so you can ‘do your thang’ in private. Do bear in mind however, that it’s not sound proof, so make sure you ‘keep it quiet’. What do you expect for less than £300!
There’s also an outer than can be put up to give you some shelter from the elements (or depending on your LSD intake – the Elephants!).
Available in Blue, Red and Yellow this is sure to be the hit tent of the Summer. What are you waiting for?
The VW Campervan Tent comes in Red, Blue and Yellow.

The VW Campervan Tent comes in Red, Blue and Yellow.



Camper Van Tent Product Features:

  • Officially licensed
  • Two zip-seperated Double Size rooms
  • Sleeps four adults
  • 1:1 Scale – same size as the original T1 Campervan (1965)
  • Doors open, just like on the original
  • Fly sheet doors seperate inner compartments

VW Tent Technical Specifications:

  • 3000mm x 1000mm Waterproof groundsheet is sewn into the inside of tent

    Volkswagon Camper Van Tent Contents:

    • Tent
    • Fly
    • Poles
    • Ropes & Pegs
    • Instructions

    Campervan Tent Dimensions:

    • External – measures approximately 398cm(L) x 187cm(H) x 155cm(D)
    • Internal – measures approximately 388cm(L) x 182.5cm(H) x 145cm(D)
    • When packed up measures approximately 70cm(L) x 40cm(H) x 40cm(D)
    • Weighs approximately 12.5kg
    Camper Van Tents dimensions

    Camper Van Tents dimensions

    What the Press Say…

What the Press say:

Oh Gizmo says of the Camper Van Tent:

Oh Gizmo Review of the VW Camper Van TentYou Can Expect The Next Multi-Day Music Festival To Be A Sea Of These VW Camper Van Tents. Today’s modern hippie might find it difficult to procure a 1965 Volkswagen Camper Van, but this is a more practical alternative. Designed to look like a perfect 1:1 scale replica of their 1965 Camper Van, this tent is officially licensed by Volkswagen and comes in your choice of red, yellow or blue. Awesome!
Buzz Feed says of the VW Camper Tent:
Buzzfeed VW Camper Van Tent reviewWhy take shelter in some dull, conventional tent when you can recreate the Summer of Love in the hippie-tastic VW Camper Van Tent?
This Camper Van Tent is sure to be the hit of the summer.

Daily Mail describes the Campervan Tent as:

The tent that thinks it’s a campervan… Daily Mail Review of the Campervan Tent
The life-size replica of the original 1965 VW Transporter has been officially licensed by the German car manufacturer for the first time.A new tent that looks exactly like a Volkswagen Camper Van is set to be the biggest hit at music festivals this summer.
Each ‘pop-up’ tent contains enough sleeping space for four or five people. John Rawlings, from Volkswagen, said: ‘The Volkswagen Camper Van has become the ultimate style icon and is still very popular with surfers, festival-goers and adventure lovers. ‘Producing a tent that looks like one is a brilliant idea. It looks as cool as the real thing.’ Groovy man!

Dvice says of the splendid Volkswagen Camper Van Tent:

Dvice review of the VW Camper Van TentIf you want to show off your hippie tendancies at your next rock festival, look no further than this VW camper van tent, which kind of makes it look like you rolled up in the real thing…
The cute camper tent is a full-sized 1:1 copy of the 1965 Volkswagen T1 van, with faithful details right down to the windshield wipers and the entrance right where the van’s side doors would be. It can it can sleep four comfortably just like the original although there’s no engine so to use it you need to roll it up and load it in the back of your Audi.
It comes in blue, yellow and red, so you’d better get working on some tie dye t-shirts to sell if you want to be the coolest fake hippie at the campground.

Pocket Lint says that the Camper Van Tent by Volkswagon:Pocket Lint review of the VW Camper Van Tent

Festival season is fast approaching and chances are you’re gonna be slumming it in a field, in your tent, with a load of middle class twits using Pringle tubes as bongs, or TOWIE wannabes “glamping” it up. #Losers!
Distinguish yourself from the crowd and turn up with something a bit different in your back-pack. Something awesome.We introduce to you this VW Camper shaped tent. Put simply, this is awesomeness to a higher power. And remember, Anybody Can Be Cool – But Awesome Takes Practice.
We are sure you’ll be rocking the best tent in the camping field bar none if you pitch one of these bad-boys up. The 4-man VW Camper Van Tent will cost you £299.99. Heavy man!

Dangerous Minds says:

Dangerous Minds Campervan Tent reviewThe Officially licensed Camper Van tent is perfect for Coachella or other outdoor rock festivals? Available in blue, red and yellow, the Volkswagon van tent sells for around $483.00.

The Awesomer says of the Camper Van Tent by VW:

The Awesomer review of the officially licenced VW Camper Van TentYou’ll be the envy of the campsite when you step out in the morning from this 4 person tent with 2 zip-separated full size rooms, a full-size replica of the iconic VW Camper Van.
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